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The cannabis media search engine was built out of necessity. The site founder was conducting PhD research on US cannabis policy and needed a way to organise and efficiently manage the huge amount of media articles coming out everyday in ever increasing numbers. So he built a search engine dedicated to the task! Well it seemed like a logical thing to do at the time.

Five year later and having recently completed his research, the founder is ready to bring the fruits of his work to the general public. The private search engine currently contains over 75,000 articles and can be searched with a number of convenient filters. And forget about being tracked or bombarded with ads. This is a private search engine … so those days are gone. 

Marijuana Surveys collates thousands of online resources into one convenient place. Become a member and gain access to our cannabis specific database of articles (and growing every day). Filter searches by date, outlet, keywords or broad categories. Contact us to find out more. Great for researchers, industry stakeholders, policy makers and consumers to keep up to date in fast-moving environment. If you have an interest in cannabis then you will love this new service.

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