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As the cannabis industry has exploded, hundreds of cannabis media have cropped up all over the internet. It is a dynamic space that is constantly evolving. We track and organize media.

The DB includes headlines of articles from major mass media and well-known industry niche media, together with regulatory bodies, with links to full content for convenience. The Marijuana Surveys cannabis media DB currently includes references to over 50,000 cannabis articles and is growing quickly as you would expect given that it updates multiple times per day.

The Marijuana Surveys DB is instantly searchable by keyword, time range and/or specific date, publication title and more. For example, a search for keyword “pesticide” returns over 1000 results very quickly.

The Marijuana Surveys Cannabis Media DB is an indispensable tool for cannabis researchers, policymakers, cannabis legalization advocates, public health researchers, investors, established stakeholders, regulators, politicians and even opponents to the industry.

The DB was custom built out of necessity as a way to organize media for a PhD thesis, which examines thousands of cannabis media articles from 2014 to the present.

Stay in the loop with daily and weekly summaries of cannabis legislative activity at the state and federal levels in the US. In addition, we have a large variety of tools at our disposal for detailed analysis of activated and emerging markets.

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Special offer for a limited time: Lifetime access for only $100!!

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