What You Should Know About Your Local Cannabis Shop

With cannabis stores popping up everywhere these days, it’s beneficial to know what to look for regarding legitimacy, products, and staff from your local cannabis shop. Cannabis stores are no different than your local liquor store or neighbourhood pub. The … Read the article

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Harry Aslinger and the War on Drugs: A History of Politicking and Racism

For decades, cannabis users have struggled with criminalization and stigma. However, not all of us know about Harry Aslinger, the War on Drugs, and how his politicking and racism are at the root of anti-drug policies globally. Harry Aslinger was … Read the article

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Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion and Son King “Krefiii” Forchion Take the Joint of Miami Higher

King Forchion

Heir to the Kush throne, King “Krefiii” Forchion, son of cult cannabis figure, Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion, continues to take his new venue, The Joint of Miami, even higher.  The upcoming calendar at the marijuana friendly art and music … Read the article

New Report from CannabizTeam Shows Double Digit Salary Growth in the Cannabis Cultivation Industry


CannabizTeam, the world’s largest cannabis-focused executive search and staffing firm, today released a new report exploring jobs and hiring trends in cannabis cultivation, the fastest-growing segment of the global cannabis industry. The 2021 Cannabis Cultivation Salaries and Trends ReportRead the article

The Constant Challenges of the Cannabis Industry: Week in Review


You never know what’s waiting around the corner for your in the cannabis business. Just a few weeks ago, at Cannabis Conference 2021, Dr. Sue Sisley provided a riveting keynote speech about her success in suing the DEA and … Read the article

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Is trauma a cause for termination of a cannabis employee?

Trauma goes silent when a worker is fired, and yet, steps to improve mental health might cause that employee to face termination. Services, including cannabis stores, run like clockwork, but the gears ticking behind the face are human. Does this … Read the article

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Top IRS Official Says Marijuana Banking Reform Would Help Feds ‘Get Paid’

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would like to get paid—and it’d help if the marijuana industry had access to banks like companies in other legal markets, an official with the federal department said. She also talked about unique issues related … Read the article

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Department of Cannabis Control marks 100 days as a new state department

CALIFORNIA – Today, California’s Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) marks its first 100 days as a new state department. In this short time, DCC has already taken significant steps to deliver on the Newsom Administration’s commitments to support California cannabis … Read the article

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How to Solve the Trucking Industry’s Cannabis Problem


The federal government heavily regulates the trucking industry. For instance, drivers have to log how many hours they’ve rested each day to ensure they meet mandatory minimums. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the Department of Transportation prohibits drivers from using … Read the article

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USPS Establishes Final Rule, Prohibiting the Mailing of Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Vapes


The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) amended its “Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail” policy Oct. 20 to prohibit the mailing of any vaping product.

The USPS developed its final rule on the mailability of vapes to be in compliance with … Read the article

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