$KEEKF Has Entered Into An Agreement With Namaste Technologies Inc.


Namaste Technologies to Utilize Peeks Platform for E-Commerce Expansion

 Keek Inc. (TSX VENTURE: KEK)(KEEKF) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Namaste Technologies Inc. (“Namaste”), the largest global e-commerce distributor of vaporizers and accessories.

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$VPRB Announces Change of SIC Code


VPR Brands Announces Change of SIC Code; Amendments of Share Purchase Agreements; and Execution of Financing Note

VPR Brands, LP (VPRB).

Change of SIC Code

VPR Brands, LP (the “Company”) announces today that the Securities and Exchange Commission has approved

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Obama Believes Marijuana Should Regulated Like Tobacco and Alcohol


President Obama said that the use of pot should be handled as a public-health issue just like tobacco or alcohol and referred to current state and federal laws regarding the drug “untenable,” as per an “exit interview” with Rolling Stone … Read the article

Mr. Matt Burger (Bubba Kush) Has Joined Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf Green World (MGW-V) (“Maple Leaf” or the “Company“) announces that Mr. Matt Berger also known as Bubba Kush has joined Maple Leaf as the Chief Grower for its Nevada marijuana project. Bubba will be … Read the article

Laguna Blends Engages CFN Media to Build Audience of Investors and Elevate Brand

CFN Media Group (“CannabisFN”), the leading creative agency and digital media network dedicated to legal cannabis, today announced that Laguna Blends Inc. (CSE: LAG) (OTC: LAGBF) has agreed to conduct a four (4) month investor and market visibility program beginning … Read the article

Titanium Grasshopper leaps to next level of discretion, packs surprising power (review)

The Titanium Grasshopper vaporizer has grabbed attention over its powerful heating element and discreet, pen-like design. Does it live up to the hype?

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Canada marijuana legalization takes big step with federal report now complete

Canada’s marijuana task force announced Wednesday that it has fulfilled its mission and soon will deliver a final report to the government outlining recommendations for the country’s legal cannabis framework.

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Studies: Magic mushrooms may ease anxiety, depression

The psychedelic drug in “magic mushrooms” can quickly and effectively help treat anxiety and depression in cancer patients, two small studies show.

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So it begins: Arkansas medical marijuana agency begins drafting rules

Voters on Nov. 8 approved a constitutional amendment legalizing Arkansas medical marijuana for patients with certain conditions.

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Five things for employees to know in states with marijuana laws

Changing marijuana laws aren’t necessarily making weed more welcome in the workplace.

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