America’s Changing Opinion on Marijuana

When cannabis was first prohibited with a tax stamp in 1937, very few people actually knew what it was. From that grew a stigma that is still being battled today.

But things are getting better; much better. Taking at a

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Marijuana Price Index: March 2016

All grades of the sticky green stuff were down in March with one exception, the Top Shelf grade. Top Shelf was the only one of the three to finish above the previous months average. The Mids-index in particular had an

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West Wing Actress Crashes Real White House Briefing to Talk About the Opioid Epidemic


Allison Janney, most notably the fake White House Press Secretary C.J. Cregg on the television series “The West Wing”, actually crashed the real White House briefing today while in town for Obama’s “White House Champions of Change” awards.

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Vermont Legalization Bill is Having Trouble in the House Again


It’s been an exciting start for marijuana reform in Vermont thus far in 2016 as the Senate approved a bill which would make marijuana legal to possess and outlined a very detailed plan for a retail distribution program. Unfortunately, not Read the article

Maine Will Get Its Chance to Vote to Legalize Marijuana


It’s been an anticipation filled ride over the last couple of weeks for those taking part in Maine’s Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. When they first submitted their petitions for validation in February, they were let down as Secretary Read the article

Kill Your Fibomyalgia Pain with Cannabis


What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic, generalized pain disorder that is characterized by abnormal sensitivity and pain at particular point(s) of the body, tiredness, sleep and affective disturbances, and morning stiffness. The exact cause of fibromyalgia is not well Read the article

NE, OK Again Try to Overturn CO Rec Marijuana Law

The attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma aren’t ready to throw in the towel in their bid to overthrow Colorado’s recreational cannabis law, after the duo recently failed to do so before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Oregon Issues First Batch of Rec Marijuana Grow Licenses

Oregon regulators awarded the first eight marijuana grower licenses under the state’s new recreational cannabis program.

The winners include former Portland Trail Blazer forward Antonio Harvey, the owner of a trendy Portland restaurant and lounge, as well as veteran … Read the article

IL Again Weighs Expanding MMJ Qualifying Conditions

Medical marijuana businesses in Illinois hope the third time’s a charm for expanding the state’s list of approved conditions for MMJ treatment.

The state’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board will meet Monday on whether to add 15 new conditions to the … Read the article

Let’s Be Clear GA, National Families in Action, and Partner Organizations Severely Limit “Medical” Marijuana Bill in Georgia

Let’s Be Clear GA, National Families in Action, and Partner Organizations Severely Limit “Medical” Marijuana Bill in Georgia
Coalition pared down original 24-page “medical” marijuana bill to seven pages-eliminating, among other provisions, in-state cultivation; in-state dispensaries; unlimited THC % with
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