Maine Dispensaries Could Get Boost From NH Patients

Dispensaries in Maine could start seeing an influx of patients from New Hampshire, at least temporarily.

New Hampshire decided to start issuing medical marijuana cards to registered patients this week even though the first dispensaries won’t open until spring of … Read the article

Third Michigan Marijuana Measure Clears Initial Hurdle

Michigan election officials have approved the language of a third ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in the state.

Abrogate Prohibition Michigan must now gather 315,000 legitimate petition signatures to get its ballot initiative in front of voters next November.… Read the article

DEA Loosens Restrictions for FDA-Approved Clinical Trials on CBD

Right before Christmas, on Dec. 23, 2015, the DEA released a press release quietly announcing a new federal advancement on cannabinoid research. The agency has now loosened regulations for those conducting FDA-approved clinical trials on CBD.

The agency immediately contacted … Read the article

Replacing Champagne: Dispensaries Open on New Year’s Eve in Washington

While the majority of the country will be watching a ball drop this New Year’s Eve, some marijuana enthusiasts will be dropping a vaporizer bag or cutting into THC cake instead of popping bottles of champagne. With the first full … Read the article

High There Launches Marijuana Party Bus in Denver

On Dec. 17, 2015, High There, a dating app for marijuana consumers, announced the launch of The Hopper, a marijuana party bus, in Denver.

The Hopper, a 20-passenger limousine-style bus, picks up users of the High There app at … Read the article

Georgia Representative Seeks to Expand State’s Medical Marijuana Law

Georgia Rep. Allen Peake has announced his plans to reintroduce a bill into the legislature that would allow CBD-only marijuana to be grown in the state for medicinal purposes. Although Georgia passed a bill earlier this year allowing residents to … Read the article

How Does Marijuana Effect the Brain


Potheads have a notoriety for being remarkably calm, yet a new experiment of the impacts of cannabis use on general conduct might propose something else. As indicated by specialists from the Yale University of Medicine and the Pennsylvania State University, … Read the article

Marijuana Findings in 2015


Scientists who study pot made various discoveries in 2015, from finding out about the health impacts of regularly using the drug medicinally and recreationally, to making sense of which sicknesses and conditions are destined to arise from the substance’s use. … Read the article