8 Michigan Dispensaries Raided

State police raided eight medical cannabis dispensaries in northern Michigan this week, serving 16 search warrants and seizing an untold number of cannabis plants. Not a single arrest was made, however, even though law enforcement officials said the eight dispensaries … Read the article

Minnesota Hospitals Get Green Light to Dispense Medical Marijuana

Minnesota will let hospitals dispense medical cannabis in pill and liquid forms after the governor signed off on a change to the state’s MMJ law, but it’s unlikely they’ll actually purchase marijuana directly from the state’s two producers. The original … Read the article

Stoner Throwback: The Debut of Dabs

The first time that HIGH TIMES featured dabs on the cover of our magazine was October 2012. Fresh off the heels of our third NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup (Tickets are on sale now for our 2015 NorCal Cup!), it was … Read the article

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Psychedelicatessen: Cannabis Cupcake Madness

“Welcome to Psychedelicatessen, a weekly column exploring the world of cannabis cuisine, including recipes from the great chefs and ganjapreneurs who fuel our appetite for adventure.”

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Here's Why We Should Rethink Rescheduling Marijuana

Rescheduling cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act—based on the history of three failed efforts—is clearly not a feasible option for changing federal law with respect to medical marijuana. Furthermore, it is no longer an acceptable policy option. Mariju…

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Radical Rant: NORML Attorneys Strategize Freeing the Weed

In the latest edition of Radical Rant, Russ Belville takes us to the annual NORML Aspen Legal Seminar to learn the tips, tricks and details of prohibition, the courts, police procedures and business law.

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Police Are Using Prepaid Card Readers to Seize Drug Money

A recent report from theArizona Journalindicates that the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office has been approved to begin usingERAD-Prepaiddebit card readers during traffic stops that result in the discovery of illegal drugs. The overall goal, acco…

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Gallery: Mutant Leaves and Zombie Weed

Check out this photo gallery of mutant marijuana leaves and zombie weed.

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Lawsuit: Adams County sued by three of its cities over targeted pot tax

Three cities — Aurora, Commerce City and Northglenn — this week sued Adams County for what they claim is the unconstitutional imposition of a sales tax targeted at recreational marijuana only.

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No Colo. weed in High Times’ Strongest Strains issue?

If you read High Times’ annual “Strongest Strains on Earth” issue recently — or watched the accompanying video (below) — you might have noticed that the 2015 list lacked cannabis from a certain Rocky Mountain state that launched its legal … Read the article

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